Frequently Asked Questions about the North Santiam Watershed Council

We’ve pulled together some of the most fre­quently asked ques­tions about the North San­tiam Water­shed Council.

Is the North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil part of the State of Ore­gon or Fed­eral Government?

No, we  are a group of com­mu­nity vol­un­teers who love the river and streams of the North San­tiam. We think they should be healthy and we think the eco­nomic and social health of the human com­mu­ni­ties in our water­shed are impor­tant too.

But, our coun­cil, like all of the water­shed coun­cils in Ore­gon, was orig­i­nally formed as a result of a state statute –ORS 541.350 (1995). And we do receive finan­cial sup­port from the Ore­gon Lot­tery and other sources.

So what does the North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil do, really?

Well, we help peo­ple.  We help them solve a cou­ple of very impor­tant prob­lems.  First we gather infor­ma­tion.  Infor­ma­tion that helps folks learn about the con­ser­va­tion issues and nat­ural mar­vels of the North San­tiam River basin.  Sec­ond, when folks have learned enough and when they’re ready to actu­ally do some­thing, to pitch in, to tackle a habi­tat prob­lem, we’re really good at mak­ing it easy for them to do so. Because vol­un­teers tack­ling habi­tat prob­lems is really what we’re all about.

What kind of habi­tat problems?

  • nox­ious weeds
  • remov­ing bar­ri­ers to fish migration
  • restore fish habi­tat in the streams
  • reha­bil­i­tate stream side con­di­tions that affect water quality

How do you do that?

The North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil is actu­ally pretty good at help­ing landown­ers fig­ure out how to iden­tify projects, get finan­cial help and iden­tify pos­si­ble tax ben­e­fits, design and build habi­tat projects that

  • are based on sci­en­tific analy­sis and
  • improve water health

We do this by devel­op­ing part­ner­ships and resources to plan, fund and imple­ment projects.

This is all very cool, how can I get involved?

There are many ways you can vol­un­teer to help improve the waters and lands of our water­shed.  The best way to get started is to attend one of the monthly coun­cil meetings.

When and where does the North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil meet?

The North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil meets on the sec­ond Thurs­day of every month.  Meet­ings begin at 7:00 pm and usu­ally last about an hour and a half or so.

We meet at the Stay­ton Com­mu­nity Cen­ter at 400 West Vir­ginia Street, Stay­ton, OR.

View North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil Meet­ings in a larger map

Most of the time some­one with spe­cial knowl­edge will give an inter­est­ing and infor­ma­tive pre­sen­ta­tion on a habi­tat restora­tion project or another sub­ject par­tic­u­larly inter­est­ing to our area.

Join us, you’ll be  welcome.

Fol­low­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion, the Council’s ded­i­cated mem­bers on the Steer­ing Com­mit­tee stay on to tackle the busi­ness side of things.  They review projects that have been pro­posed to the group, eval­u­ate the infor­ma­tion that is shared with the landown­ers who are con­sid­er­ing work­ing together with the Coun­cil, bud­gets, and like we said, the busi­ness side of things.