Printed Articles & Public Notices


Printed Arti­cles

April 2015 — North San­tiam For­est Col­lab­o­ra­tive — Canyon Weekly 
Click link to view arti­cle: Canyon Weekly Arti­cle 4–10-15

March 2015 — North San­tiam Restora­tion Project — Canyon Weekly
Click link to view arti­cle: Canyon Weekly Arti­cle 3–6-15

March 2015 — Work­ing Together to Improve Our Local Streams 
Click link to view arti­cle: Stay­ton Mail Arti­cle 3–5-15

Octo­ber 2014 — Detroit Lake Shore­line & River­side Clean-Up — Canyon Weekly
Click link to view arti­cle (Page 5): Canyon Weekly_SOLVE Event 10–9-14

June  2014 — North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil arti­cle — Canyon Weekly
Click link to view arti­cle: North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil Article

Jan­u­ary 2014 — “Col­lab­o­ra­tion aims to improve water­shed health” by Kelly Foley & Lance Wyss. Pub­lished in the Linn County OSU Exten­sion Ser­vices Update. (Arti­cle is on page 2).
Click link to view arti­cle: Linn County OSU Exten­sion Arti­cle Update_January_2014

Sep­tem­ber 2013 — CREP Tour — Canyon Weekly Click link to view arti­cle: CREP TOUR ARTICLE 


Pub­lic Notices

Bon­neville Power Admin­is­tra­tion: Peo­ple Inter­ested in the Salem-Albany Trans­mis­sion Line Rebuild
12–58-14 — Click link to view notice: BPA Trans­mis­sion Line Rebuild Notice

City of Salem Notice — Ben­nett Dam Con­struc­tion
6–2014 — Click link to view notice: City of Salem Noti­fi­ca­tion 6–2014

BLM Notice — Scop­ing for Fishermen’s Bend Recre­ation Area Man­age­ment Plan.
4–13-14 — Clink link to view PDF:BLM Fishermen’s Bend Recre­ation Scop­ing Notice