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Japanese Knotweed an Unwelcome Invader

Do you know how to get rid of Japanese knotweed?

Japan­ese knotweed was first intro­duced to North Amer­i­ca in the late 19th cen­tu­ry for orna­men­tal use, which actu­al­ly is under­stand­able.  Its hol­low red tinged stems have dis­tinct raised joints (nodes) that remind me a lit­tle of bam­boo although it is not at all relat­ed. In fact, oth­er com­mon names for the plant are Amer­i­can bam­boo and…
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Six Good Reasons to Plant Trees Beside a Stream

  The strip of land beside your stream is a great place to plant trees.  First of all, the 20 feet or so direct­ly beside the stream prob­a­bly isn’t prac­ti­cal to use for most oth­er pur­pos­es.  Sec­ond, the banks are too steep.  Third, there will prob­a­bly be sea­son­al flood­ing.  Besides, a forest­ed buffer zone along…
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Let Sleeping Logs Lie

Let Sleeping Logs Lie

In the past, we thought it was a good idea to clean up the log jams that “choked up” steam chan­nels.  As a mat­ter of fact, Ore­gon used to have employ­ees whose pri­ma­ry role was dyna­mit­ing log jams in rivers.  Today, things have changed.  We now under­stand that pulling logs and oth­er wood out of…
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Noxious Weeds are Obnoxious

Any­one who owns or man­ages land in the north San­ti­am Water­shed already knows how total­ly obnox­ious some plants can be.  I mean, they just don’t get it, do they?  You keep pulling, or dig­ging or spray­ing and like a bad pen­ny they just keep turn­ing up.  Some­times it seems almost hope­less. Nox­ious weeds are obnox­ious,…
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