Fishing Conditions on the North Santiam, August 23, 2012

North Santiam River Report

River flows vol­umes are excel­lent right now , cur­rently around 1,160 cfs at Mehama on the North Fork with good vis­i­bil­ity.  Con­di­tions are expected to stay at these lev­els for the next week.  Most of the salmon and steel­head have moved into the upper river.  Based on video mon­i­tor­ing at Ben­nett dam near Stay­ton, approx­i­mately 3,600 sum­mer steel­head and 3,500 spring chi­nook have moved into the upper river system.

As a reminder, the reten­tion of chi­nook is pro­hib­ited between Aug. 15 and Nov. 1 in order to pro­tect spawn­ing fish. If you see chi­nook spawn­ing please do not dis­turb them or their beds and refrain from wad­ing or swim­ming near their spawn­ing grounds to ensure future fish­ing opportunities.

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