Grants of up to $10,000 Available for Habitat Restoration Projects

Grants of up to $10,000 Available for Habitat Restoration Projects

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Whether you’re a local landown­er or part of a cit­i­zens’ group, the North San­ti­am Water­shed Coun­cil can act on your behalf and work with the Ore­gon Water­shed Enhance­ment Board (OWEB) to get fund­ing and sup­port for your on-the-ground habi­tat restora­tion project.  How much sup­port?  Well, if your con­ser­va­tion project is to pro­tect, restore or improve clean water or fish and wildlife habi­tat on your land or in your com­mu­ni­ty, the OWEB Small Grant Pro­gram can pro­vide up to $10,000 of sup­port.  That’s a fair chunk of change.

So you can make a dif­fer­ence right here in the North San­ti­am Canyon.  The fund­ing has been used for con­ser­va­tion projects that might range from plant­i­ng native plants along stream­sides to reduc­ing sed­i­men­ta­tion and ero­sion from upland farms.  What’s real­ly cool is these projects aren’t just feel-good projects, although you will feel good about your­self, they actu­al­ly will change how you enjoy your prop­er­ty and many of them can bump up the val­ue of your property.

Program Details

  • The Small Grant Pro­gram responds to a need for local water­shed restora­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties on a short­er time frame (less than two months) than is avail­able under OWE­B’s reg­u­lar grant program.
  • A Small Grant appli­cant must be a tribe, water­shed coun­cil, or soil and water con­ser­va­tion dis­trict.  These enti­ties then act on your behalf.
  • Small Grants are intend­ed to sup­port projects that con­tribute to the Ore­gon Plan for Salmon and Water­sheds and the Ore­gon Con­ser­va­tion Strat­e­gy.
  • The project must be an on-the-ground restora­tion project that ben­e­fits aquat­ic species, wildlife, or water­shed health.
  • Before OWEB dis­burs­es grant funds, they’ll expect to see match­ing funds of at least 25 per­cent of  the total OWEB award. (The North San­ti­am Water­shed Coun­cil can help there too!)

The OWEB Small Grant Pro­gram is one of the many sources avail­able to help pay for the habi­tat improve­ment projects you might take on with the help of the North San­ti­am Water­shed Coun­cil.  In fact, our coun­cil mem­bers, project coor­di­na­tors and real­ly every­one are delight­ed when­ev­er we get a chance to help folks just like you make a dif­fer­ence with a con­ser­va­tion project.

So don’t be shy, even if you only think you’d be inter­est­ed (even just a lit­tle) click here to let us know you’d like some more infor­ma­tion, a bit of advice or your ready to get start­ed!  We’re hap­py to help.

If it’s more con­ve­nient, give us a call at 503–930-8202.

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