North Santiam Headwaters Spring Chinook Salmon Habitat Improvement

The NSWC received fund­ing from OWEB in 2011 to assist with restor­ing spawn­ing habi­tat,  chan­nel com­plex­ity and off-channel habi­tat for Upper Willamette River spring Chi­nook salmon both above and below Big Cliff and Detroit Dam in the North San­tiam Watershed.

As part of the Haz­ards to Habi­tat Pro­gram the Ore­gon Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion and the US For­est Ser­vice removed approx­i­mately 85 haz­ard trees located along High­way 22. An addi­tional 35 large trees were tipped and along with the high­way trees placed in the main river chan­nel, in side-channels and in the rivers flood­plain. A total of 6 stream reaches were improved with mul­ti­ple large wood struc­tures: 3 reaches along the Upper North San­tiam, 2 reaches on Horn Creek and 1 reach on Mar­ion Creek.

Horn Creek Below the culvert_lrge wood and gravels 7-25-14           Horn Creek (Large Wood Placement)


In addi­tion to the large wood approx­i­mately 100 cubic yards of spawn­ing gravel was added to 0.25 miles of Horn Creek. Six log sills were also strate­gi­cally placed in Horn Creek to help hold the gravel in place.

Horn Creek photo pt on small bridge 7-25-14  (sill & gravel)                   Horn Creek (Gravel aug­men­ta­tion and sill placement)


To improve fish habi­tat con­di­tions below the dams the US For­est Ser­vice donated large wood swept from Detroit Lake to the water­shed coun­cil. The large wood was incor­po­rated into 4 coun­cil restora­tion projects on Snake Creek, Stout Creek, Cold Creek and Dieck­man Creek.

IMGP1533[1]    Stout Creek (Large wood placement)


Reports & Project Photos:

USFS Haz­ards to Habi­tat Report: 2011 NSan­ti­amHdwtrs Haz-to-Hab

USFS Horn Creek Acoplish­ments Report: Horn Creek 2011 accomplishment

North San­tiam near Horn Creek Project Pho­tos: HORN CREEK HH PROJECT 2011 GRANT

North San­tiam near Straight Creek Project Pho­tos: STRAIGHT CREEK HH PROJECT 2011 GRANT

North San­tiam near Lynx Creek Project Pho­tos: LYNX HH PROJECT 2011 GRANT

North San­tiam near Fisher Creek Project Pho­tos: FISHER HH PROJECT 2011 GRANT