North Santiam Basin Summits



2019 North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit — May 15, 2019 Salem, OR


Stay Engaged_ Detroit Fish Pas­sage & Temp Struc­ture Draft EIS Dates

Stay Engaged_ Willamette Basin Project EIS Scoping

Stay Engaged_ Willamette Basin Review-Reallocation

In 2009 the  City of Salem and the North San­tiam Water­shed Coun­cil asked Ore­gon Con­sen­sus to con­duct a neu­tral assess­ment of the poten­tial for col­lab­o­ra­tion relat­ing to water man­age­ment in the North San­tiam Basin.  The assess­ment con­sisted of inter­views with par­ties rep­re­sent­ing a range of per­spec­tives on issues and con­cerns related to water man­age­ment. The fol­low­ing top­ics were discussed:

  • Bal­anc­ing Con­flict­ing Uses
  • Pro­tect­ing Habi­tat and Water Quality
  • Data Man­age­ment & Distribution
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Coordination
  • Emer­gency Plan­ning (infra­struc­ture fail­ure, flood­ing, spills)
  • Col­lab­o­ra­tive Process

Below you will find the notes from each of the sum­mits since 2009.

2019 Sum­mit 

The Ninth Annual North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit was held May 15, 2019

9th Annual NS Basin Sum­mit Agenda


North San­tiam Sum­mit 2019 Introduction

Detroit Fish Pas­sage Con­struc­tion Draw­down Update_Jeff Ament USACE_5-15–2019

Willamette Basin Review Real­lo­ca­tion Study_Tim Ern­ster USACE_5-15–2019

Access to Fed­eral Stored Water_GSI Pres 5–15-19

Willamette Project Bio­log­i­cal Opin­ion Re-Initiation_Greg Tay­lor USACE_5-15–2019-NO VIDEO

HABs Presentation_N San­tiam Sum­mit 2019_KCarpenter

Pre­dic­tion Lab_James Watson_5-15–2019

New Cyan­otoxin Rules_Gregg Baird OHA_5-15–2019

Meet­ing Notes Com­ing Soon!

2018 Sum­mit (8th Summit)

The Eighth Annual North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit was held May 16, 2018.

8th Annual NS Basin Sum­mit Report-May 16 2018

2017 Sum­mit (7th Sum­mit)

The Sev­enth Annual North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit was held April 17, 2017

North San­tiam Sum­mit VII Drought Con­tin­gency Plan­ning (Yr 2) _2017

2016 Sum­mit (6th Summit)

The Six Annual North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit was held May 12, 2016.

North San­tiam Sum­mit VI-Drought Con­tin­gency Planning_2016

2015 Sum­mit (5th Summit)

The Fifth Annual North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit was held May 7, 2015.

North_Santiam_Summit V_Report 2015

2014 Sum­mit (4th Summit)

The fourth sum­mit focused on work­ing on devel­op­ing a web based frame­work for an Emer­gency Man­age­ment Spill Response Sys­tem for the North San­tiam Watershed.

North San­tiam Basin Summit IV Meet­ing Notes


2013 Sum­mit (3rd Summit)

The third sum­mit focused on capa­bil­i­ties of ESRI sys­tem, vision­ing for years 1–5 for pri­mary emer­gen­cies and 4 stages of emer­gen­cies, what vision will be, and how to achieve the vision and goals. There was strong inter­est in explor­ing a web-based emer­gency response sys­tem sim­i­lar to the EWEB model.

North San­tiam Basin Sum­mit III Meet­ing Notes


2012 Sum­mit (2nd Summit)

Two sep­a­rate work group meet­ings pre­ceded the Sum­mit. The research and mon­i­tor­ing group focused on map­ping of mon­i­tor­ing, where and how, etc. The emer­gency plan­ning group focused on stages of plan­ning, recov­er­ing and mit­i­ga­tion was not addressed. The juris­dic­tional response from this sum­mit focused on dif­fer­ent types of mapping-IRIS, haz­ard map­ping, EPA geo­graphic response, EWEB, etc.

Sec­ond North San­tiam Emer­gency Man­age­ment and Mon­i­tor­ing and Research Top­ics Sum­mit, Meet­ing Sum­mary 2012


2011 Sum­mit (1st Summit)

The first sum­mit focused on emer­gen­cies, dif­fer­ent kinds, types, thresh­old, data man­age­ment, and pub­lic engagement/involvement. The atten­dees of the Sum­mit split into two groups; the research & mon­i­tor­ing group and the emer­gency plan­ning group. Both group iden­ti­fied a link­ing theme in the Sum­mit; the need for a GIS data management/ map­ping sys­tem for emer­gency response.

North San­tiam Basin Emer­gency Response Plan­ning Sum­mit Sum­mary 2011


2010 North San­tiam Col­lab­o­ra­tive Process Options and Recommendations