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Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe is a Parasitic Plant of Trees and Fungus

On a recent hike along Pamil­ia Creek, I came across this clump of Indi­an Pipe grow­ing under a dense stand of large Dou­glas fir.  It caught my eye, because even though it’s a herba­ceous plant, it looks more like a fun­gus. In fact, I always assumed Indi­an Pipe, like many fun­gi, lived off of the…
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Devil's Club

Devil’s Club Decorates Old Growth Forests in Late Summer

Dev­il’s club or dev­il’s walk­ing stick is a large shrub native to the cool moist conifer forests.  It is found from  Alas­ka to west­ern Ore­gon and east­ward to west­ern Alber­ta and Mon­tana. This native shrub always catch­es my eye in the late sum­mer.  Those clus­ters of showy red berries remind me of Christ­mas.   I’ve…
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Six Good Reasons to Plant Trees Beside a Stream

  The strip of land beside your stream is a great place to plant trees.  First of all, the 20 feet or so direct­ly beside the stream prob­a­bly isn’t prac­ti­cal to use for most oth­er pur­pos­es.  Sec­ond, the banks are too steep.  Third, there will prob­a­bly be sea­son­al flood­ing.  Besides, a forest­ed buffer zone along…
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Stout Creek Fish habitat Resotration

The Stout Creek Habitat Restoration Project

If you’ve  ever dri­ven through the San­ti­am Canyon, you’ve prob­a­bly seen Stout Creek.  It runs pret­ty close to State High­way 22 for a cou­ple of miles before it joins the North San­ti­am near Mehama.  On the oth­er hand, you might have missed it. It isn’t very big, the entire water­shed is about eleven and a…
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