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Where Do You Find Steelhead in the Pacific Ocean?

Young win­ter steel­head fry, freshly hatched in the cold waters of the the North San­tiam River, face a long and har­row­ing jour­ney that takes them to the sea and back. In spring through early sum­mer of their sec­ond year, steel­head smolts from the North San­tiam River enter the sea and move directly off­shore. Beyond that, very […]

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Winter Steelhead of the North Santiam River

As win­ter gives way to the cold rains of spring in the North San­tiam Canyon, newly hatched steel­head fry begin to wrig­gle their way to the sur­face of their gravel nest. In the cold waters of a trib­u­tary stream above the North San­tiam River, their stream, they face a long and har­row­ing jour­ney that will […]

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North Santiam Watershed Council

Fishing Update for the North Santiam River

Based on video mon­i­tor­ing (through mid-November) at Upper and Lower Ben­nett dams near Stay­ton, approx­i­mately 5,200 sum­mer steel­head moved into the upper North San­tiam this sea­son. That’s about 20 per­cent of the nearly 25,000 sum­mer steel­head that passed the Willamette Falls this. year Coho sea­son on the North San­tiam from Stay­ton up to Big Cliff Dam […]

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Devil's Club

Devil’s Club Decorates Old Growth Forests in Late Summer

Devil’s club or devil’s walk­ing stick is a large shrub native to the cool moist conifer forests.  It is found from  Alaska to west­ern Ore­gon and east­ward to west­ern Alberta and Mon­tana. This native shrub always catches my eye in the late sum­mer.  Those clus­ters of showy red berries remind me of Christ­mas. I’ve […]

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North Santiam River at Niagara

Quick Facts About the North Santiam River

The waters of the North San­tiam begin their jour­ney on the snowy slopes of Mount Jef­fer­son. Nearly ninety miles later they join the South San­tiam. Along its jour­ney the river flows past for­est and farm, field and city. Its flow is inter­rupted by high wall dams and and diverted for irri­ga­tion, munic­i­pal use and even […]

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Detroit Dam

The Detroit and Big Cliff Dams

The decade of the 1930’s was an era of large gov­ern­ment build­ing projects.  Many under­taken to counter the eco­nomic hard­ships of the Great Depres­sion.  The 1930’s also saw the pop­u­la­tion and indus­trial devel­op­ment in the North San­tiam Canyon finally reach lev­els that would eco­nom­i­cally jus­tify a flood con­trol project.  So the Detroit Dam com­plex, which includes […]

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Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is part of the San­tiam River water­shed, lying just below the con­flu­ence where the North and South San­tiam rivers join.  It encom­passes about 2,800 acres of flat to gen­tly rolling land near the con­flu­ence of the Willamette and San­tiam rivers south of Salem, Ore­gon. Ankeny Refuge was cre­ated to pro­vide vital […]

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