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Where Do You Find Steelhead in the Pacific Ocean?

Young win­ter steel­head fry, fresh­ly hatched in the cold waters of the the North San­ti­am Riv­er, face a long and har­row­ing jour­ney that takes them to the sea and back. In spring through ear­ly sum­mer of their sec­ond year, steel­head smolts from the North San­ti­am Riv­er enter the sea and move direct­ly off­shore. Beyond that, very…
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Winter Steelhead of the North Santiam River

As win­ter gives way to the cold rains of spring in the North San­ti­am Canyon, new­ly hatched steel­head fry begin to wrig­gle their way to the sur­face of their grav­el nest. In the cold waters of a trib­u­tary stream above the North San­ti­am Riv­er, their stream, they face a long and har­row­ing jour­ney that will…
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