Valentine Creek Habitat Restoration Project

Restora­tion and con­ser­va­tion efforts along the Valen­tine Creek trib­u­tary to the North San­ti­am Riv­er are part of a larg­er region­al ini­tia­tive to improve water­shed health.

Valentine Creek Fast Facts

Area: 21.8 square miles
Stream Miles: 5.3 miles
Ele­va­tion (ft): 479‑2562
Land Use: Forest­ed- 36.8%, Agri­cul­ture- 18.3%, Urban- 4.3%, Rural/Non-For­est- 32.2%

Fish Habi­tat Type & Stream Miles
Chi­nook- 1.9 miles Rearing/Migration
Steelhead‑1.2 miles Rearing/Migration

Fish Pas­sage Bar­ri­ers: 5 known bar­ri­ers
Shad­ing: Most­ly low; with some mod­er­ate and high (less than 5%)
LWD Recruit­ment (0–50 feet): 88% Low
Total Wet­lands Acres: 2044 acres- palus­trine forest­ed and scrub/shrub (like­ly oth­ers too)
Oth­er Con­di­tions: Sev­er­al res­i­dents locat­ed in close prox­im­i­ty to stream

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