2016-2017 North Santiam Stream Restoration Campaign

2016-2017 North Santiam Stream Restoration Campaign


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Help us help streamside landowners restore the ecological processes along the riparian areas of the North Santiam River and its tributaries.


  • Riparian areas help improve water quality by filtering pollutants, such as fertilizers and pesticides from the soil.
  • Riparian areas help stabilize stream banks by holding soil in place with their roots.
  • Riparian areas help provide fish habitat by adding large, woody debris to streams.
  • Riparian areas help provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Riparian areas create shade to cool water for fish.
  • Riparian areas reduce property damage from floods.
  • Riparian areas increase opportunities to view wildlife.

*All donations will go directly towards assisting landowners with the cost of site preparation (noxious weed removal), purchasing plant materials (native trees & shrubs), and costs of planting and maintaining project sites. 

Help us reach our goal of at least $5,000 by June 30, 2017. All donations are tax deductible!





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The North Santiam Watershed encompasses approximately a half million acres (766 mi2) in Linn and Marion County in the mid-Willamette Valley. The North Santiam and its contributing stream network is home to a number of diverse land uses, including timber, cropland agriculture, rangeland agriculture, recreation, urban city centers, and fish and wildlife habitat. The river intricately connects all of these diverse users together, creating a common goal for a healthy ecosystem and community.

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