Update: 2014 Riparian Restoration Campaign

Update: 2014 Riparian Restoration Campaign

Congratulations to the following 2015-2016 North Santiam Canyon Calendar Drawing Winners!

Josie Burri (Pennsylvania) -“Giving Tuesday” Calendar Winner

Kate Sacamano (Portland, OR) – Calendar Winner

David Myers (Spokane, WA) – Calendar Winner


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the North Santiam Watershed Council’s 2014 Riparian Restoration Campaign.

Special thank you to Michelle Gates and to all the calendar photographers for donating three amazing 2015-2016 North Santiam Canyon Calendars to our campaign.

The NSWC 2014 Riparian Restoration Campaign will continue until December 31, 2014. 

Help us reach our goal! Donate Today! 





All individuals who donate $20 or more before December 16th to our Riparian Restoration Campaign will be entered into a drawing to win one of two beautiful 2015 North Santiam Canyon Calendars!

*We already had one winner who donated $20 on December 2nd “Giving Tuesday.” Thank you so much for your support. 

To donate to our Riparian Restoration Campaign today click HERE


Spe­cial thank you to Michelle Gates and all of the contributing photographers for donat­ing the 2015-2016 North San­tiam Canyon cal­en­dars to our restora­tion campaign. We are very grateful!


Front Cover 2015-16 low resolution  Back Cover 2015-16 v2

For more information on the North Santiam Canyon calendars, click Here

If you want to order a calendar directly, click Here (Calendar ad is located on the left hand sidebar)

SPECIAL NOTE: If you choose to order a calendar let the retailer know you would like a portion of the proceeds to go to the North Santiam Watershed Council’s Riparian Restoration Campaign.


We appreciate your support!



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