Soil and Water Conservation District Native Plant Sale

Soil and Water Conservation District Native Plant Sale

When you add native plants to your landscape it really enhances the habitat for wildlife, birds and beneficial insect like bees.  And native plants have so many other advantages:

  • Once established they require minimal or no water.
  • They don’t need fertilizers and
  • They’re naturally resistant to local pests, so pesticides.
  • And you can plant them in place of a lawn, so no mowing.  How cool is that?

Even better, with a little planning , using native plants can be easy and cheap.  Well cheaper than those spendy ornamentals at the garden store.   That’s because the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District holds a native plant sale on the second weekend in March every year.

I keep the event on my calendar because their prices are so reasonable I can’t resist the temptation to try out a new shrub or flower.  Over 90 different species are usually available, so it’s a great opportunity to find just the right mixture of native plants that will work on your rural property or in your yard.

Proceeds from this sale go towards two scholarships for students from Marion County who are studying natural resources at an Oregon College or University.

Visit the soil and water conservation district’s plant sale page for more information.

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