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Indian Pipe

Indian Pipe is a Parasitic Plant of Trees and Fungus

On a recent hike along Pamilia Creek, I came across this clump of Indian Pipe growing under a dense stand of large Douglas fir.  It caught my eye, because even though it’s a herbaceous plant, it looks more like a fungus. In fact, I always assumed Indian Pipe, like many fungi, lived off of the…
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Devil's Club

Devil’s Club Decorates Old Growth Forests in Late Summer

Devil’s club or devil’s walking stick is a large shrub native to the cool moist conifer forests.  It is found from  Alaska to western Oregon and eastward to western Alberta and Montana. This native shrub always catches my eye in the late summer.  Those clusters of showy red berries remind me of Christmas.   I’ve…
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Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is part of the Santiam River watershed, lying just below the confluence where the North and South Santiam rivers join.  It encompasses about 2,800 acres of flat to gently rolling land near the confluence of the Willamette and Santiam rivers south of Salem, Oregon. Ankeny Refuge was created to provide vital…
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