Water Quality Monitoring in Tributaries of the North Santiam

Water Quality Monitoring in Tributaries of the North Santiam

Eric Anderson, the Regional Monitoring Coordinator for the North Santiam, South Santiam and Calapooia Watershed Councils provided the North Santiam Watershed Council with an annual update on the water quality monitoring efforts taking place in the North Santiam. Since November of 2012, Eric has been sampling ambient water quality conditions in four tributaries to the North Santiam River (Marion Creek, Bear Branch, Valentine Creek and Stout Creek). Eric is collecting baseline water quality information in tributaries where the Council has implemented or plans to implement riparian and/or in-stream restoration projects.  Eric provided a PowerPoint presentation showing the preliminary results of the water quality data he collected. The water quality parameters being measured include: Temperature, Bacteria (E. Coli), Total Phosphorus, Nitrate/Nitrites, Total Suspended Sediments, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Conductivity and Turbidity.

Click Link to View Eric Anderson’s PowerPoint Presentation:  Water Quality Presentation 12-12-13



Stout Creek 9-27-13


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