We hope that you will find many dif­fer­ent ways to explore and enjoy the North San­ti­am Water­shed. We think it’s one of the more beau­ti­ful and engag­ing water­sheds in Ore­gon. Of course, we’re biased.

Even if we are biased, some of these places are pret­ty cool. Dur­ing the hottest days of sum­mer, the swim­ming at Opal Pool is pret­ty good. And there’s some­thing spe­cial about the Canyon Life Muse­um in Mill City.

Stand­ing on the Detroit Dam, 463 feet above the North San­ti­am Riv­er, always gives me a tinge of ver­ti­go. Of, course, the dam has prob­a­bly had the sin­gle great­est impact on the nature of the riv­er and on all it’s com­mu­ni­ties from Detroit to Salem.

At Pamelia creek
Stream­side at Pamela Creek.

Our hope is that once you’ve expe­ri­enced the mag­ic of Opal Creek, learned a lit­tle his­to­ry in Mill City Canyon, or stood on the high wall of the Detroit Dam, that you’ll under­stand why we’re pulling togeth­er to make the changes that will help ensure that our chil­dren, and their chil­dren will inher­it a North San­ti­am Water­shed that’s healthy, a land that’s pro­duc­tive, and neigh­bors who care to make a difference.

And we hope you’ll decide to join us, if only for a moment, in our love for this riv­er and these lands. And we hope you’ll do a lit­tle some­thing today that helps make the North San­ti­am a bet­ter place.