Cold Creek Restoration Project

Cold Creek, also known as Logan Slough, is a small, year round trib­u­tary to the North San­ti­am Riv­er in Mar­i­on Coun­ty. The creek flows off of agri­cul­tur­al fields near Stay­ton-Jef­fer­son Rd. Pri­or to 2012, there were sev­er­al large deep pools, excel­lent habi­tat for young salmon and steel­head, that was blocked of for at least part of the year by sev­er­al under­sized cul­verts. With grant fund­ing from the Ore­gon Water­shed Enhance­ment Board (OWEB) and match funds from the Nat­ur­al Resource Con­ser­va­tion Ser­vice (NRCS) the cul­verts have been replaced with fish friend­ly struc­tures that are pass­able to juve­nile and adult migra­to­ry fish and remain open year round.

An under­sized cul­vert was replaced with a bridge in 2012
The U.S For­est Ser­vice Detroit Ranger Dis­trict donat­ed large wood to the project.
Native ripar­i­an plant species are now grow­ing where thick Himalayan black­ber­ry once stood.

In addi­tion, to replac­ing the under­sized cul­verts large wood donat­ed by the US For­est Ser­vice was strate­gi­cal­ly placed at var­i­ous loca­tions along creek and are now pro­vid­ing impor­tant off-chan­nel habi­tat for salmonids.

The North San­ti­am Water­shed Coun­cil with assis­tance from both the Mar­i­on Soil and Water Con­ser­va­tion Dis­trict and with the US Fish and Wildlife Part­ners Pro­gram were also able to remove inva­sive Himalayan black­ber­ry, clema­tis and oth­er inva­sive species that were dom­i­nat­ing the ripar­i­an cor­ri­dor.  Native plant species have now been plant­ed in the ripar­i­an areas and are being main­tained until they are free to grow.

Project Part­ners, Mar­i­on SWCD, OWEB, NRCS WRP, USFWS Part­ners Pro­gram, San­ti­am WCD and the US For­est Service

Mon­i­tor­ing Reports:

2016 NSWC Mon­i­tor­ing Report OWEB 211‑3003 Final