Cold Creek Restoration Project

Cold Creek, also known as Logan Slough, is a small, year round tributary to the North Santiam River in Marion County. The creek flows off of agricultural fields near Stayton-Jefferson Rd. Prior to 2012, there were several large deep pools, excellent habitat for young salmon and steelhead, that was blocked of for at least part of the year by several undersized culverts. With grant funding from the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) and match funds from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) the culverts have been replaced with fish friendly structures that are passable to juvenile and adult migratory fish and remain open year round.

An undersized culvert was replaced with a bridge in 2012
The U.S Forest Service Detroit Ranger District donated large wood to the project.
Native riparian plant species are now growing where thick Himalayan blackberry once stood.

In addition, to replacing the undersized culverts large wood donated by the US Forest Service was strategically placed at various locations along creek and are now providing important off-channel habitat for salmonids.

The North Santiam Watershed Council with assistance from both the Marion Soil and Water Conservation District and with the US Fish and Wildlife Partners Program were also able to remove invasive Himalayan blackberry, clematis and other invasive species that were dominating the riparian corridor.  Native plant species have now been planted in the riparian areas and are being maintained until they are free to grow.

Project Partners, Marion SWCD, OWEB, NRCS WRP, USFWS Partners Program, Santiam WCD and the US Forest Service

Monitoring Reports:

2016 NSWC Monitoring Report OWEB 211-3003 Final