Hatch Side Channel Restoration Projects

In 2007 the North San­ti­am Water­shed Coun­cil start­ed work­ing with a local landown­er to assist with a failed cul­vert that was block­ing riv­er flow into the Hatch Side Chan­nel, a side chan­nel locat­ed in the Low­er North San­ti­am Riv­er near the Hatch Airstrip west of Stay­ton. The Coun­cil was able to obtain fund­ing to replace the under­sized cul­vert with a larg­er cul­vert open­ing up the chan­nel to year round water flows and pro­vid­ing migrat­ing salmonids year round access to valu­able spawn­ing and rear­ing habi­tat.  This cul­vert replace­ment project piqued the inter­est of sur­round­ing neigh­bors who want­ed to join in on the Hatch Side Chan­nel restora­tion efforts. Work­ing with sev­er­al landown­ers  and part­ners the Coun­cil was able to com­plete two project phas­es over five years (2007–2012). The fol­low­ing is a sum­ma­ry of accom­plish­ments achieved dur­ing each project phase:

Phase I: Hatch Air­port Fish Pas­sage and Habi­tat Restora­tion Project


  • Replace­ment of a failed, under­sized cul­vert with an over­sized coun­ter­sunk cul­vert to improve fish pas­sage and main­tain func­tion of a pri­vate airstrip.
  • Place­ment of sev­er­al engi­neered log jams in the side chan­nel and addi­tion­al habi­tat logs through­out the wetland/floodplain area.
  • Removal of nox­ious weeds on approx­i­mate­ly 3 acres sur­round­ing the side channel.
  • Place­ment of native plants around the cul­vert inlet and out­let for ero­sion con­trol and to start estab­lish­ing a ripar­i­an buffer.

Phase II: Hatch Side Chan­nel Habi­tat Restora­tion



  • Two addi­tion­al under­sized cul­verts were replaced with fish pass­able sized cul­verts that meet ODFW standards.
  • Addi­tion­al native ripar­i­an buffer areas restored along the side channel.
  • Place­ment of 5 addi­tion­al engi­neered log struc­tures improv­ing chan­nel complexity.

Project Part­ners: Landown­ers, OWEB, NRCS WRP, FSA CREP, Mar­i­on Coun­ty, Mar­i­on SWCD, City of Albany and City of Salem